Flip.to turns 33 percent of guests into trusted advocates for Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

The Sedona Rouge Hotel has felt a significant impact from turning their guests into a powerful extension of their marketing team

Rooftop view, Sedona Rouge
Rooftop view, Sedona Rouge

Orlando – March 18, 2015 – With a world-class spa and red rock views, the Sedona Rouge Hotel in Arizona has felt a significant impact from turning their guests into a powerful extension of their marketing team. Flip.to has turned a full third of Sedona Rouge’s guests into advocates.

In just the first 3 months of switching Flip.to live, the 33% of guests who have spread the word about their upcoming trip have introduced the Sedona Rouge to over 54,000 of their friends, relatives & colleagues, which has led to 84 direct bookings.

“We have always known that our guests love our unique experience, but having guests share that experience with their friends and family at a rate of 33% is what surprised us,” said Ed Conway, GM of the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa. “It is such a natural experience for the guest that it is easy to see why we saw immediate results from the Flip.to platform. Working with Flip.to gave us an elegant way to help our guests spread the word at multiple touch points, in the right way, while making it really simple for me and my staff.”

Luxury Spa, Sedona Rouge
Luxury Spa, Sedona Rouge

The Flip.to advocacy platform encourages guests to share their excitement about their upcoming trip and where they’re staying with their social connections, ” said Raul Vega, Senior Director of Sales at Flip.to. “Flip.to then drives the guests’ friends and family back to the hotel’s website and serves up a unique, trusted experience that is proven to convert friends of guests into new guests. If you can do that while being simple, fun and visually compelling, it leads to huge results for hotels, as it has for Sedona Rouge.

Every booming village needs one and Flip.to has a Weibel

Flip.to welcomes new Chief Marketing Officer

ORLANDO, FL – March 2015 – Flip.to announces the addition of industry veteran, Jeff Weibel as its Chief Marketing Officer. Weibel was one of the original employees at Preview Travel, which was acquired by Travelocity. At Travelocity, Weibel was in charge of building out the merchant hotel and attractions business. He started out as the only Travelocity employee in Orlando and quickly grew his team, with bookings to over $200 million per year.

After 18 years of working in travel, Weibel thought he escaped the industry to manage a Real Estate portfolio but was lured back in by Ed St.Onge. “I was working for myself for the last two years but when I heard about what was happening at Flip.to, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join the team. It’s a great group and they have a dynamite product for hotels.”

“Adding Jeff to our executive team is a huge win for Flip.to and our customers,” said St.Onge. “Jeff brings massive experience in marketing of hotels and digital media.”

“Flip.to is creating a new distribution channel for hotels. At Travelocity, my job was to sell room nights for an indirect distribution channel. Now, my main goal is to help empower hotels to sell more room nights directly to guests, their friends and their families. The bonus here is that Flip.to is a new channel and we can track all of the additional bookings. ROI is a good thing.”

“I don’t usually drink beer, but when I do, I like to drink it with the Flip.to customers,” says Weibel.