Academy: the scoop on advocates and warm leads

At, we help turn travelers into advocates—a powerful marketing force who introduce people around the globe to destinations and hotels. There’s really no better way to get introduced to the folks you’re already trying to reach.

Every so often, we get the question, “So, who are my advocates, and what will they do for me?” (And we’re still trying to settle that tricky advocates vs. avocado dilemma…)

Well, rather than spell it out here, we figured why not tell you ourselves! Tune in below—I’ll let our Director of Partnerships, Ricky take it from here.

A team of advocates:


From warm lead to future traveler:


In short—your advocates are powerful. When trust becomes your new currency, you can bank on big impact. The best thing? We track the impact every step of the way, from warm leads all the way down to booked room nights.

Are you a destination or hotel looking to level up? Get in touch here. We’ll share how advocacy is changing the game for the hospitality and tourism industries worldwide.