Better together: Fueling great partnerships

Here at, our place in the industry is pretty unique. We get the chance to work with some incredible travel brands—and more importantly with the talented people behind them.

While that includes hotels, resorts, vacation properties, destination marketers, and the like, it includes the wide array of folks we call friends and partners.

So, what makes a great partnership? For one thing—some of the same things that make great friendships, and that’s great people.

Aside from that, we see partnerships as an opportunity to lean on our relative strengths in ways that everyone benefits. That means joining forces with forward-thinking vendors, agencies, and even individuals who embrace where we strive to take travel marketing.

Core to those values are the power of storytelling and authenticity. Combined, they unlock the ability to reach and inspire travelers, nurturing them along their journey to conversion (rather than flooding them with an overabundance of “book nows” and discount offers).

Ultimately, like us, they aspire to evolve the way hospitality marketing is done in a way that’s a win for travelers, great for business and incredible hospitality all at the same time.

So I’ll ask again—what makes a great partnership?

Look no further than Fuel Travel, a shining example of all of the above. We knew from the start that we’d be a great fit, (and not just because they’re gif-jedi-masters).

From adapting to improve guest experience and prioritizing relationships, to being vocal about marketing values like storytelling, they guide their customers down the best path for their hotel and guests. Fuel goes above and beyond to educate and provide value to the hotel marketing industry far beyond just their products & services thanks to efforts like their blog and podcast content, connection to industry contributors and more.

Fuel’s own COO, Stuart Butler, paid us a visit recently and shared some candid insight on partnering with


To learn more about Fuel Travel, hop over to and be sure to check out Fuel’s weekly hotel marketing podcast.

If you’re as passionate as we are about changing the landscape of hospitality marketing and feel like we’d be a great match, let us know. Hospitality moving & shaking is always more fun when you get more great people in the room!

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Richard Dunbar

With nearly 15 years of professional experience in the hospitality space, Richard has a wide range of experience spanning revenue management, e-commerce sales, systems integrations, consumer loyalty, and building brand advocacy. Born and raised in the Carolinas, Richard flew south to Florida and launched a career in hospitality with Starwood Vacation Ownership. With a solid foundation of property-level experience, he switched gears and joined the folks at EZYield to explore hospitality technology and to help hotels operate more efficiently. From EZYield, he joined Stash Hotel Rewards and now where he spends his professional time pulling this all together to make some sense of this industry. He holds a degree in economics and political science from the University of Central Florida and spends his free time running, reading, and learning all about life from his incredible wife and children.