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Wrappy Hour: The Latest Release Notes Wrap-up from 2020

Cheers for stopping in on another wrappy hour! Follow along for some big updates, new features and round it out with a bug smackdown.

Big Ticket Items

We’ve streamlined your account with new navigation that makes it easier to flip between the hotels, groups or destinations that you’re helping to reach and inspire travelers. These new spaces also set the stage for some entirely new products.

Screencapture of Flip.to's new Audience Onboarding process

Audience Onboarding & Invitations
Got an existing audience of past guests? Our new onboarding assistant can help you add them onto the platform with a few clicks. That tees up the next feature.

Your past guests are ready to become storytellers. The storyteller invitations feature helps target this audience, and sets them on personalized storytelling journeys that inspire future travelers, build brand loyalty, and strengthen your relationship with them.

Improved Attribution Tracking
Understanding the traveler journey is as important as ever. We’ve improved (and are on a never-ending quest to improve) the way our platform is helping the industry learn how to best win over audiences, and which paths are the most profitable.

Feature Updates + Light Enhancements

Screenshot of Flip.to account's new announcement feed

Announcement Feed
You deserve to know the latest and greatest about our products as soon as new features drop. We built an announcement feed into your account, so the news meets you where you are the most.

Flow
Your new sign-in experience replaces cumbersome temporary passwords with a reset link, and displays password requirements so you’re logged in and back to work without raising your anxiety.

Account Permissions
We’ve added fine-grained permissions, so you can customize other users’ access to each area of our platform. Some of your team may need review-only status, while others need full access for modifications.

Azure Flattening & Angular Migration
Through a bit of backend string pulling, Azure flattening sets the stage for unaffiliated organizations to share content with each other. That allows DMO’s, brands and management groups to share content with their members more efficiently.

Our ongoing migration to Angular continues, which just means we’re able to build better and faster.

The Great Bug Smackdown 🐛

A recent Flip.to Story River on Margaritaville Hotels

Story River
Our Story River should float guest stories downstream in every browser, but it didn’t for Internet Explorer. Now IE users can navigate the River as true explorers should.

Dark Mode
The dark side of Dark Mode left important parts of our emails in the shadows. We hacked a fix, and now they look great, even in the dark.

Duplicating Efforts
Duplicate emails are so annoying. Duplicate emails are so annoying. We fixed that.

Guest Certificates
Some logos were broken on guest certificate pages. That’s taken care of, and while we were at it, we made sure a certificate’s expiration date can be edited properly.

Thanks for joining our wrappy hour! If you’d like to know more about any of our new features, or you’d like a sneak peek, we’d be happy to take you for a test drive. Give me a shout at zstovall@flip.to.

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