Debi Moses

A tribute to Debi Moses

Last year looked different for all of us. It’s been an unprecedented time for both our industry, and our lives at home.

It changed even more so when we saw the loss of our colleague & friend, Debi Moses.

Debi was a hell of a woman. Her strength was enduring, and her spirit inventive and funny. Her edgy sense of humor stuck with all of us.

And not just with us—Debi left a lasting impression for many. Over the past few months, we’ve been lucky to share a few of those memories with a handful of Debi’s colleagues in travel.

With her birthday arriving this week, it felt like a good time to share.

One video or blog post couldn’t sum up Debi’s legacy or all of the people she’s inspired along the way. But we’re happy to share this small tribute to celebrate her life.

We miss you, Deb.

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