Share authentic guest stories in a snap

Authentic stories shared by your guests first hand provide the most candid and genuine insights into your hotel. With, we help you unlock these moments—experiences that resonate with travelers.


So what can you do you with it then? The boundaries are limitless, but first up—share it! This is real, relevant content that your followers want to see.

We’ve made this incredibly easy—it just takes a few clicks, all the while adding a bit of fun back in your day.

Plus, finding the perfect story to share is simple. Every story that your hotel receives is automatically fitted with descriptions and tagged during the curation process. Easily search, choose and share exactly what you want without the headache of manually organizing your guest-created content on your own.

Start inspiring travel by sharing your guests’ favorite moments. Future travelers learn more about your brand, and your hotel tells a richer story—without any heavy lifting needed.

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