Four uniquely different hotels reach 48,000 connections in two months with

Within two months of implementing, they had connected with nearly 48,000 friends and family of guests

Bentley South Beach
Bentley South Beach

ORLANDO, FL – JULY 2014Menin Hospitality owns the Bentley South Beach on the famed Ocean Drive; Gale South Beach, a luxury boutique 87-room Art Deco hotel; the Zen-like Sanctuary South Beach; and the Raffaello Chicago, centrally located on the famed Miracle Mile.

Searching for a way to effectively leverage the marketing power of their guests across the four unique hotels led Menin Hospitality directly to

Within two months of implementing, they had connected with nearly 48,000 friends and family of guests.

26% of Menin Hospitality’s guests across all four properties shared a branded message with their personal networks through, becoming an integral marketing tool for the hospitality group by creating a personal awareness about the hotel for every one of their connections. Each guest post included a unique link that directed their friend or relative to the hotel’s website, which then dynamically personalized for each and every guest connection.

“Menin Hospitality is always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our present and future guests,” said Marisa Marcus, Director of Marketing for Menin Hospitality. “After two months of utilizing, it has become a go-to social platform for the company. We have seen significant increases in connections, unique website visits and email sign-ups, ultimately resulting in an increase of guests staying with us at our hotels.”

Kaskades Suites at Gale South Beach
Kaskades Suites at Gale South Beach

“ allows hotel groups to deploy a guest referral strategy across multiple properties and locations that vary in every way, with great results and consistency,” said Debi Moses, Senior Director of Sales for “Never before has this been possible for groups like Menin.”

To find out more about how can help create a significant, measurable impact for your hotel, please get in touch with Debi Moses at or visit

Home sweet homepage

superchargers-ss-hotelhugo-hpcOne of our newest components is absolutely killing it for our customers. It helps convert those website visitors who are just browsing around on your website into guests—turning them from lookers into bookers.

The homepage component drives more bookings and grows a hotel’s reach. Here’s how:

  • First, it uses a short, curated quote from a guest. Words that are timely, glance-able and straight from someone who just stayed at your hotel are really compelling.
  • Second, pairs that quote with a new call-to-action for hotels. The homepage component drives folks to book now but if they’re not ready at that moment, rather than just wandering away, they can lock in the incentive in two clicks. Your hotel learns who that anonymous website visitor is and now has a placeholder in their inbox (the certificate that is emailed to them).

Well, that’s swell but the numbers are what get me excited. Hotels that use this component get 300% more sign-ups across the platform. That’s 300% more email addresses and a 300% larger reach for your hotel.

Even more impressive, on average 10.5% of website visitors to your site who engage with the homepage component end up booking a room (6.5% click book now and 4% sign up for an incentive and come back to book later).

It’s incredibly simple to curate quotes and get the homepage component going (if you’re not already). Plus it’s currently included with your subscription at no extra cost! Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Homepage Component