The Crane Resort taps into the power of guest storytelling to boost their bottom line with

Caribbean mainstay widens audience to the tune of 300K in first 5 months

ORLANDO, FL — December 19, 2016 —, the advocacy platform that helps hotels reach, inspire and convert travelers has helped amplify the marketing efforts of The Crane Resort. Just five short months since launch, the century-old Barbadian resort has been personally introduced to 300,000 travelers worldwide with the help of their guests.


The Crane Resort brings to light guest stories with

“There’s no better way to learn about a travel experience than from someone you know and trust. Our guests share everything with friends and family—from their excitement about an upcoming stay to their disappointment about having to leave—all punctuated by stories of their favourite moments along the way,” noted Eboni Phillips, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Crane Resort. “With, we now have the ability to quantify social with the power of these influential recommendations.”

Touch points throughout the traveler journey let guests share their authentic stories about the hotel to travelers worldwide. The platform earns and tracks new bookings while growing traffic, leads and tracked potential guests through a true conversion funnel. Unique to the advocacy marketing platform, is specifically designed for hotels and travelers.

For The Crane, this has added up to incredible impact. Their reach has well-topped a quarter of a million since August, in addition to driving more than 23,000 unique site visitors, 2,100 warm leads and 21 booked room nights with the platform.

The Crane Resort brings to light guest stories with

The impact is made broader by the library of curated guest stories captured through the advocacy platform—stories that reveal the property’s character from a unique point of view, including everything from its magical sense of seclusion to the famed Crane Beach.

All content carries a full legal release, so The Crane Resort may use it to enhance their own marketing. This is critical for hotels and resorts seeking to adopt a storytelling mindset to win over new travelers.

“The authentic perspective of your guests is an incredibly effective add to your content strategy. What’s important is that hotels use it to drive actionable results, sending quality traffic to compelling experiences they own,” said Danielle Fierman, Account Executive at “It’s there where hotels like The Crane capture warm leads, revealing the opportunity to market to these travelers directly. Since they’ve been introduced by their friends and family, these impressions are more potent than any ad.”

The Crane Resort brings to light guest stories with

Phillips went on to add, “ offered us the opportunity to track and measure advocacy with a cost-effective platform that was seamlessly implemented at our resort. We’ve pushed beyond the typical offer of sun, sea and sand, instead providing personal and powerful recommendations from friends and family.”

The historic Crane Resort overlooks the famous pink sands and turquoise waters of Crane Beach—named Best Beach in the Caribbean by readers of USA Today. Guests enjoy an idyllic respite on the Southeast coast of Barbados. The property offers grand colonial styled suites featuring lush gardens, private pools and rooftop terraces, and an impressive array of world-class amenities and services including fitness facilities, spectacular cascading pools, exciting restaurants including Zagat #1 rated Zen.

To learn more about The Crane, view the stories of their recent guests, or to reserve a stay visit or call (866) 978-5942.

Hotel Emperador sees the impact of advocacy as guests reach 200k global travelers with

Advocacy platform puts Madrid hotel at the center of conversations sparked worldwide

ORLANDO, FL — November 1, 2016 ——a marketing platform that lets your guests become advocates to introduce your hotel and earn new guests—has helped Hotel Emperador Madrid amplify its reach to over 200,000 potential new guests. The four-star property in Madrid’s city center has attracted an enormous network of potential guests from around the world, perfect for this classic European locale.


“It’s so simple, and it works beautifully,” noted Pilar Lanchas, Director of Sales at Hotel Emperador. Designed to be incredibly easy to manage, earns and tracks new bookings while growing brand awareness, web traffic, and warm leads without any heavy lifting on the hotel’s part. “We saw immediate impact, connecting a new audience seeking our unique Madrid experience.”

More than a third of their guests have shared about their stay at Hotel Emperador since launching in September of 2014. In fact, the hotel has reached an audience 40 times that of their already impressive Facebook network, earning trusted introductions to travelers worldwide perfect for their property—upwards of 200,000 travelers in the last two years alone.

In addition to the hotel’s ability to amplify their reach to the perfect demographic, has driven site traffic to the tune of of nearly 9,000 visits. Each guest was greeted by distinct, custom experience designed to convert, taking these personal introductions down the path to becoming future guests.

“With, we’ve effortlessly grown the network of travelers we interact with on a daily basis,” Lanchas went on to add. “The quality site traffic and warm leads we’ve converted give us the opportunity to inspire new travelers to choose Hotel Emperador when traveling to Madrid.”


“We see the global impact of advocacy for hotels everyday. In fact, your guests have more influence than ever before in history,” said Alfredo Moreno de la Santa, Director of Sales Europe for “Hotel Emperador and properties alike now have the ability to engage those influencers and let them share their travel experience to friends around the globe. Not only is the scale massive, but your hotel is at the center of those experiences shared.”

Hotel Emperador Madrid is a 232-room, 1940s hotel perfectly located amid the bustle of the famed Gran Via Street in Madrid. This Ideal location in the heart of the city offers a splendid range of activities just steps away. Guests enjoy the beautiful rooftop garden and pool open during summer months, an abundance of restaurants, cafés and historical attractions to experience, and the rich culture of Spain’s capital city. For reservations, visit or call +34 91 547 28 00. and b4checkin partner to help hotels convert personal introductions into future guests

Strategic partnership allows hotels to drive direct business with advocacy

ORLANDO, FL — October 27, 2016 ——the marketing platform that lets your guests become advocates, introducing your hotel worldwide, attracting travelers and earning new guests—announced its strategic partnership with b4checkin, a hospitality developer and software provider offering cloud-based solutions including chameleon, their next generation hotel booking software.

chameleon adapts to a hotel’s website, offering hoteliers flexible design options rather than a single booking experience. Hoteliers on the platform have the ability to change their front-end experience with just a few clicks. This is in addition to a streamlined booking process and improved experience for guests and hotels alike.

chameleonProperties throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean using b4checkin’s chameleon in tandem with will now empower guests to share about their upcoming trip to their social networks. By sharing their stay with family and friends, guests become a growing extension of the hotel’s marketing force, making trusted introductions to the hotel, building an ever-growing database of warm leads—a like-minded demographic of travelers with similar travel and purchasing habits—and increasing direct bookings.

Saar Fabrikant, President & CEO at b4checkin commented on the partnership, “chameleon has revolutionized hotel bookings. The shortened and seamless booking process, plus choice of multiple responsive designs drives conversion and revenue for our customers. Layering in lets our hotels amplify their booking potential, bringing warm leads back to the hotel website and boosting revenue with an entirely new channel of guests booking direct. It’s been a critical addition to our suite of products.”

Richard Dunbar, Director of Partnerships at said, “We’re excited to partner with b4checkin. It means more hotels can convert personal introductions into future guests. Plus, b4checkin’s expansive reach into Canada and the Caribbean allows us to grow our product into these markets as we continue to expand.”

b4checkin offers hoteliers a flexible online booking engine and a suite of products for hospitality management. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, b4checkin serves customers in North America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. For more information, contact Saar Fabrikant at, or visit

The Pines Resort hits major milestone as hotel is introduced to over 100,000 travelers with

Advocacy platform drives revenue, marketing, and even off-season success for lakeside resort

ORLANDO, FL — August 08, 2016 —, the advocacy platform for hotels has attracted a massive audience of over 100,000 travelers for The Pines Resort in just the first year, while boosting the resort’s brand with compelling, co-created stories from their guests.


A mountain lodge nestled the Sierra National Forest near Yosemite National Park, The Pines Resort launched in August of 2015. The property has seen enormous success, reaching this major milestone in less than 12 months. has driven over 5,000 unique site visitors back to The Pines Resort’s hotel website, converting 450 warm leads and over 130 booked room nights for the hotel—and growing.

Lauri R., past guest at The Pines Resort.

“There’s no better way to learn about our scenic experiences at the resort than through a friend or family member—someone you know and trust,” noted Mark Choe, Director of Business Development at The Pines Resort. Choe went on to add, “Our guests are sharing everything from incredible mountain views and lakeside watersports, to exploring our area’s national parks. lets us capture these amazing stories and use them to engage future travelers. The return on our investment far exceeded our initial expectations, even helping drive our most successful shoulder season to date.”

The platform has thoughtful touch points throughout the entire guest journey, bettering the conversation hotels have with guests from well before they stay until long after they leave. lets guests share everything from their excitement for an upcoming trip to the favorite moment of their stay, tracking the entire conversion funnel down to how many travelers convert. The result is a huge driver of traffic and warm leads—potential guests who fall into a pool of like-minded travelers with similar interests and purchasing habits as the advocates for the hotel.

The Pines’s Photo Explorer turns memorable guest moments into highly engaging interactions with every type of site visitor.

“I’ve been amazed at the stories our guests capture, and it’s been even more exciting to see that when combined, they shape a candid story of our property,” emphasized Choe.

The Pines Resort inspires new audiences of travelers worldwide with Photo Explorer, a powerful digital experience by that tells a rich story of the hotel through the compelling experiences shared by their guests. It showcases a library of authentic content that is an entirely new look at the hotel. Plus, with the recent launch of Vision AI—a new feature by that uses artificial intelligence to let hotels better understand and curate content—hotels have insight on image attributes, colors and more, with the ability to filter and source content in seconds.

“With, The Pines Resort collects authentic content from their guests detailing the highlight of their trip. Moments like these become introductions with worldwide reach when guests share to friends and family.” said Deborah Moses, Senior Director of Sales, Americas at “Not only do these warm introductions drive site traffic, they help convert warm leads for the hotel inspiring more travelers to book direct.”

David M., past guest at The Pines Resort.

Tucked within towering pines alongside Bass Lake, the Pines Resort accommodations reflect a contemporary mountain décor inspired by the scenic, natural surroundings. Guests choose between 84 inviting mountain chalets, 20 deluxe lakefront suites or two private, fully-furnished houses that feature stunning forest or lakefront views and are within easy walking distance of the lake, the resort’s restaurants, recreational activities and retail shops. To reserve a stay, visit, or call 800-350-7463. unveils Vision AI, breaking new ground for hotels reaching travelers worldwide through advocacy

Advocacy platform leads travel tech with innovative application of artificial intelligence has unveiled Vision AI, the newest layer of their advocacy platform that helps hotels reach a global audience of travelers perfect for their brand.

This powerful new feature uses machine-based insights to let hotels better understand and effortlessly curate their vast, ever-growing library of guest-created content. This innovative use of artificial intelligence is the first of its kind in hotel tech. With, hotels may now amplify their brand by delivering incredibly authentic, personal content to different segments of travelers and better convert them into future guests.

Vision AI

“Amazing tech lets us gather real insight on the guest stories we capture. What’s different is that for the first time, hotels can apply these insights to deliver content in a way that truly resonates with their future guests,” said Brian Kent, CEO & Co-founder at “Vision AI is the start of some pretty exciting new opportunities of real personalization at scale.”

Vision AI taps into machine-based learning using Microsoft® Cognitive Services. By processing visual data, Vision AI extracts rich information to return insights on content, image attributes, colors and more. Guest stories are automatically fitted with descriptions and tagged during the curation process, saving hotel marketers time and eliminating the inefficiencies of manual organization. Instead, hotels can easily search the authentic content their guests provide in seconds.


Faces AI, a component of the artificial intelligence by, detects human faces and can identify attributes like age and gender in a guest story.

Vision AI and Faces AI make the impact of the advocacy platform for hotels even more potent. By thoughtfully applying artificial intelligence, gives heightened context to the content and interactions of advocacy for hotel marketers worldwide.

“ is designed to capture warm leads with rich touch points across the entire guest journey. Vision AI takes that even further.” said Edward St. Onge, President at “It makes everything hotels are doing on our platform, as well as their others forms of marketing, even smarter and more compelling. The possibilities are limitless.”

Hoteliers worldwide use to wield the power of a story well told and capture new guests. To begin reaching, inspiring and converting an entirely new global audience every day, take a tour or say hello. sparks huge reach and return for SoHo’s Hotel Hugo

Advocacy platform inspires travelers worldwide, introducing hotel to a warm audience over 75,000

ORLANDO, FL — May 18, 2016 — Hotel Hugo, an independent, luxury hotel in New York City’s historic SoHo neighborhood, has tapped to reach a massive network of global travelers perfect for their hotel. Since going live on the platform in January of 2015, the property has reached a warm audience of over 75,000 worldwide, and the advocacy platform has become a pivotal strategy in the hotel’s operations.

Hotel Hugo Lobby

The long-term impact of has been huge. In addition to helping the 122-room boutique property get introduced to entirely new audiences every day, they’ve seen a boost in unique site visitors and have started capturing warm leads through the personal recommendations of their guests at a scale never before possible.

“It’s simple, yet impactful,” noted Kelly Sanders, Director of Revenue for Hotel Hugo. “We’re building richer relationships with our guests while receiving introductions to their network of friends & family. There’s no better way to welcome a new guest than through these interactions.” taps into the massive reach of their guests, allowing Hotel Hugo to reach an enormous but highly targeted audience of potential future travelers in an authentic and trusted way. “ really is the total package for platform and service,” she went on to add, “it all just works, and they have a great team behind an outstanding product.”

The move to implement has been part of a comprehensive technology approach by Hotel Hugo. is seamlessly integrated with every part of their hotel, from marketing to revenue and even operations. Sanders attributes this to well thought-out touch points for both the guest and hotel.

“Our guests are at the forefront of all of our technology considerations, especially since our influence on the guest experience extends well beyond when visitors are on property. The design of lets us engage guests and their friends & family in the best way possible. On site, we can easily track results, and even identify advocates when they’re on property, making for a better stay. It’s changed our approach to how we operate.”

Bar Hugo Rooftop

For independents, unique experiences are key drivers to compete, with Hotel Hugo’s SoHo urban retreat being no different. “Hotels must distinguish themselves in the market. This can be an even bigger challenge with a small team,” said Raul Vega, Senior Director of Sales at “ offers huge value to disciplines across your hotel, really bolstering everything you’re doing today. Hotel Hugo is the perfect example, and continues to grow with the platform.”

Travelers seeking a stylish New York City neighborhood with timeless appeal can look no further than Hotel Hugo. A seamless blend of contemporary luxury and bohemian chic, the luxurious design pays tribute to the storied history of Lower Manhattan and enduring art-meets-industrial edge. Offering 122 guest rooms and suites, state-of-the-art meeting spaces, and a sleek rooftop bar for cocktails overlooking the stunning Hudson River, Hotel Hugo is SoHo’s most sophisticated urban retreat. To reserve a stay, visit or call 212-608-4848.

Adrift Hotel and Spa reaches over half a million through captivating guest stories captured with

Advocacy platform bolsters marketing and revenue, builds affinity, and inspires new guests for Pacific Northwest property

ORLANDO, FL — April 13, 2016Adrift Hotel and Spa, an eclectic boutique hotel in the heart of Long Beach, Washington, has tapped the advocacy platform to attract an enormous new audience of travelers, while enhancing their brand with compelling, authentic guest stories.


Since launching February of 2014, the property has seen tremendous success, and has since reached a new audience of over 500,000. This is in addition to converting over 4,000 warm leads for the hotel to nurture down the path to becoming a future guest, leading to thousands of booked room nights for the boutique hotel.

“The staff were all so friendly and welcoming. We loved the location and the proximity to the beach and trails. Our dog was spoiled with love and attention, can't wait to return.” — Sara A., past guest at Adrift Hotel and Spa
— Sara A., past guest at Adrift Hotel and Spa

“We’ve gained the attention of travelers worldwide,” noted Linh DePledge, Operations & Marketing Director for Adrift Hotel. “The advocacy platform has been key in driving and converting new guests, especially in the competitive Long Beach area.”

Adrift’s success on the platform can in large part be attributed to the implementation of Photo Explorer, a digital experience built to captivate and inspire new audiences of global travelers worldwide, while letting the hotel tell a richer story full of authentic guest experiences. The platform not only drives traffic and leads, but also captures hugely captivating guest content for the hotel to infuse into their online and other marketing efforts.

Adrift Hotel’s Photo Explorer turns memorable guest moments into highly engaging interactions with every type of site visitor.
Adrift Hotel’s Photo Explorer turns memorable guest moments into highly engaging interactions with every type of site visitor.

“The guest stories we’ve captured using have brought a genuine voice to our online presence, while boosting traffic from our ideal travelers,” DePledge went on to add. “Whether someone is looking for a dog-friendly property, a romantic getaway, or a place where they have the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, the platform has unveiled some incredibly fun, personable, and even heartwarming experiences. The quality of this guest-created content is second-to-none.”

Adrift Hotel and Spa creates unique experiences that cater to the individual, giving visitors a true sense of place. The platform uses advocacy to tap into these unique experiences, letting guests share everything from their excitement for an upcoming trip to the favorite moment of their stay with friends and family, tracking all traffic back to the hotel website. As guest networks are full of like-minded individuals often with similar tastes in travel, the platform is the perfect fit for independent and boutique properties like Adrift seeking to reach the right guest.

Content provided by guests is used in Adrift Hotel’s digital marketing initiatives, including their website.
Content provided by guests is used in Adrift Hotel’s digital marketing initiatives, including their website.

“Adrift Hotel have captured some of the most aesthetic and inspiring guest stories we’ve seen,” said Deborah Moses, Senior Director of Sales, Americas at “Most importantly, they’re real experiences from actual guests. They’re aspirational, but also attainable, which truly resonates with the audiences of future travelers they attract.”

Adrift Hotel is an eclectic, modern property with an urban-industrial vibe that borrows cues from the local peninsula landscape. The hotel offers a diverse range of packages, from clam digging, to beachside bonfires and even dog-friendly getaways. This is in addition to complimentary cruiser bikes to explore, locally sourced food and cocktails, and free live music nightly at their onsite restaurant, Pickled Fish. To reserve a stay, visit, or call 800-561-2456.

40 percent of guests become ambassadors for San Francisco’s newly minted Hotel Zephyr with

Star of the revitalized Fisherman’s Wharf reaches 200,000 future travelers in first 6 months of operation

ORLANDO, FL — February 8, 2016 —, the advocacy platform for hotels that captivates and inspires new audiences of travelers, has helped Hotel Zephyr amplify its reach to over 200,000 potential new guests in only six months. Hotel Zephyr is Davidson Hotels & Resorts’ first property within its new lifestyle & luxury collection, Pivot, and one of San Francisco’s newest boutique hotels.

The Yard at Hotel Zephyr
The Yard at Hotel Zephyr

The hotel has seen enormous guest engagement since partnering with, which coincided with the hotel’s opening after a multi-million dollar renovation in the summer of 2015. Over 40% of guests have shared their travel experience with their network of family and friends, driving quality traffic back to the property’s website, and introducing Hotel Zephyr’s playful maritime concept to thousands of leads for future travelers.

“When launching a new brand, momentum is critical,” noted Harry Carr, director of Revenue Management for Hotel Zephyr. “Our guests have become ambassadors for our hotel, helping us connect with other travelers seeking Hotel Zephyr’s spirited atmosphere. unveiled a completely new channel to identify and reach the right guests for our property. It’s been an outstanding complement to our revenue and marketing efforts.”

The Lobby at Hotel Zephyr

Hotel Zephyr’s transformation, aimed at travelers seeking a fresh, lively and one-of-a-kind San Francisco experience, not only included a complete redesign and renovation of the hotel, but also consisted of a newly launched website and tech-forward approach to the property’s digital presence. was a key component of this effort, increasing guest engagement, integrating social mediums and driving loyalty, while also shifting attention away from online travel agencies.

The advocacy platform has attracted thousands of new visitors back to Hotel Zephyr’s website through the warm introductions of their guests. Each guest is greeted by distinct, unique experiences designed to convert, taking these curious onlookers down the path to becoming future loyal guests.

“Thanks to connectivity in the digital world, your guests have more influence than ever before,” said Debi Moses, Senior Director of Sales for “ gives hotels the ability to tap into that influence by letting them share their travel experience with their personal connections—a like-minded network of travelers who are perfect for your hotel. Their combined reach truly gives you global exposure.”

Guest Quarter at Hotel Zephyr

Hotel Zephyr features 361 stylishly appointed guest quarters and suites. The property’s artistic design brings a new dimension to the upscale vibe that defines San Francisco. The only waterfront hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf, guests enjoy stunning panoramas of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge. For reservations, visit, or contact Reservations at

Caribe Royale captures more than just pictures with its most successful photo contest to date

Advocacy becomes a foundation of Caribe Royale’s marketing strategy

ORLANDO, FL — December 2, 2015 — Caribe Royale, a customer since 2013, has captured authentic guest stories, warm introductions to their hotel, and more guests with their latest and most successful photo competition to date using’s advocacy platform for hotels. Running from June through September, the Beat the Summer Heat photo contest was designed to reveal new brand stories and compelling images from guests to complement Caribe Royale’s existing marketing campaigns.

Success by the Numbers


In a short three-month span, Caribe Royale received 143 finalists in the contest, each sharing the favorite moment of their stay with their networks to rally points. The effect was viral. Guests, their friends, and even their friends’ networks were engaged to vote and share on behalf of the guest and the hotel. By the end of the competition, they together rallied an incredible 221,217 points, earned in ranges from 3 to 8 for different actions like voting or sharing.

More importantly, these engagements represent captivating, authentic introductions to the hotel through advocacy. According to a Nielsen report, 92% of respondents say they trust earned media (recommendations from friends and family) above all other forms of advertising—a fact apparent as nearly 500 of these visitors alone voted and signed up for an offer on a future stay, revealing warm leads who’ve shown real interest in the hotel.

To make them even more valuable, these sign-ups from the competition represent an ongoing opportunity to engage and nurture potential future guests, building brand affinity and driving long-term, recurring revenue for Caribe Royale.

As opposed to standard hashtag competitions—which are often riddled with image curation, attribution and usage rights pitfalls— was built with the hotel’s marketing in mind. Images and quotes are easily curated, sorted, and shared from the hotel’s library. As a result, Caribe Royale was provided with an ongoing stream of authentic guest stories at their fingertips, with the ability to share across social media channels in just a few clicks.

Elyse Cottle, the Director of Promotions for Caribe Royale, spoke of Caribe’s recent success, “ has taken the headache out of capturing, curating, and distributing our guests’ incredible stories, saving our team countless hours. It’s always a pleasant surprise to come back to the platform and see how much content and reach we’ve effortlessly captured.”

The competition was a resounding success, both for the guests and the hotel. Caribe Royale was recently recognized for a 2015 HSMAI Gold Adrian Award for their use of the advocacy platform—a ‘tip of the hat’ garnered in addition to the unique user-generated content, outstanding reach, and warm introductions to potential future guests gathered using the platform.

caribe_contest 2

Recently debuting Photo Explorer, is designed to make authentic guest stories, like those captured in the Beat the Summer Heat photo competition, an integral part of the hotel’s story. The platform extends a hotel’s ability to turn guests into advocates and create a huge impact on brand exposure and ROI.

Hotels may display their guests’ favorite moments gathered during their photo competitions in a dynamic gallery, creating a truly personalized experience for every site visitor. This entirely new look at the hotel through the eyes of its guests is an incredibly smart platform, designed to convert curious on-lookers to future guests, and better communicate the personality and genuine guest experience of your hotel.

Advocacy: A Foundational Marketing and Revenue Strategy


The impact of Advocacy has been felt throughout the marketing and revenue efforts of Caribe Royale. Since launching with, Caribe Royale has reached more than 1.6 million of their guests’ friends, relatives and colleagues, in addition to seeing a spike in traffic to their website.

“Advocacy transcends every aspect of a hotel’s business, from marketing and sales to revenue management,” added Edward St.Onge, President of Global Sales and Marketing at “Your hotel has the opportunity to increase direct bookings, build trusted brand connections and extend your reach to travelers across the world when advocacy becomes a core component of your hotel’s overall strategy.” has been key to Caribe Royale’s success. The platform gives Caribe Royale’s guests the opportunity to tell their story to the world, creating an ever-growing team of advocates who have a massive impact on their reach and bottom line.

Caribe Royale is an upscale, Caribbean-inspired convention hotel located just minutes from popular Orlando tourist attractions. To reserve a stay, visit, or contact Elyse Cottle at boosts revenue and direct bookings for Platinum Hotel as part of their cutting-edge revenue and marketing strategy

Advocacy platform sparks results; hotel and guests both win

Platinum Hotel, Pool
Platinum Hotel in Las Vegas, Pool

ORLANDO, FL — November 09, 2015 —, the advocacy platform for hotels, has increased direct bookings and captured added revenue for Platinum Hotel, an all-suite property located in Las Vegas, Nevada. tapped into the right demographic for the hotel and spa—a non-smoking, non-gaming retreat, just a few blocks off of the main strip.

Designed to earn new guests by way of the warm introductions of their existing guests,’s advocacy platform extends the hotel’s reach to a massive and highly targeted audience of potential future guests in an authentic and trusted way.

Platinum Hotel, Lounge
Platinum Hotel in Las Vegas, Lounge

Platinum Hotel has seen the immediate impact on top-line growth. In addition to the revenue earned by way of booked room nights, more than 20% of their guests have advocated on behalf of the hotel. They’ve shared to a network of over 15,000 friends and colleagues in just two months—each that fall within a pool of like-minded, warm leads with similar travel and purchasing habits just one degree from the hotel’s advocate.

The move to implement has been part of a comprehensive revenue approach by Platinum Hotel, led in part by Director of Sales and Revenue Strategy, Melissa Graves.

“We employ a hybrid approach that aligns revenue, marketing and sales. fit seamlessly within this effort by letting us drive more direct bookings while creating a huge impact on our brand and ROI. Plus, we’re able to thank our loyal advocates, rewarding those that stay, and eventually their friends and family. It’s a win-win-win for the hotel, our guests and their network.”

Graves went on to add that the ease of implementation was an added benefit to the platform for Platinum Hotel. “ is incredibly easy to manage and take live, with an Account Management team that made the process quick and seamless,” said Melissa Graves. “I only wish we had started sooner.”

Platinum Hotel
Platinum Hotel in Las Vegas, Lobby

This approach is part of a larger shift in the industry that has identified the need to align hotel marketing, revenue management and sales to optimize demand and pave the way for the highest profit potential. Revenue strategists are consistently looking to adopt new technology platforms that employ these methods. Though cutting-edge today, this irrevocable change is fast becoming the standard in the industry.

“Reaching the right demographic for your hotel with your marketing efforts is critical,” said Debi Moses, Senior Director of Sales, Americas at “This is especially true as the cost of traditional digital channels like PPC ads can be hugely expensive for hotels in this market. tracks everything, right down to booked room nights. It’s really made an incredible impact for The Platinum, who’s quiet getaway is the perfect retreat from the Las Vegas Strip.”

The Platinum Hotel offers a welcoming Las Vegas escape, letting guests relax amid superb amenities in any of their 255 one- and two-bedroom suites. To reserve a stay, visit, or contact Melissa Graves at


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